Security – As you want it to be

It’s perfectly fine that you do not pay us much attention. The most important thing about our job is to let you do your things – without worrying about safety or security. We’ll take care of that.

As a publicly-approved security company, we perform all the normal security tasks. But as a supplier, we may not be as traditional, and focus a lot on common sense and flexibility.

Use us as a host, let’s take care of property and values – or call us if something unforeseen happens.

Security guards / Access control

You’ll find our staff whereever people gather or go out: In restaurants, nightclubs, bars and ski resorts. Currently we are present in Innlandet, but Trondheim is next on our list.

The job is quite easy; make sure everyone abides by the law – and that everyone is doing well. But it can also be a challenging job in adverse times – but just as necessary, important and rewarding.

Do you want our staff as your hosts, do you want to work with us or know someone who wants to?

Events / Crowd management

Use us at events and stunts. You get approved guards who solve all tasks within security, ticket control and handling of the audience. In addition, we solve all of the service tasks.

In cooperation with THEvent we provide and organize rigs, equipment, tents, fences, toilets and anything else that must be in place. We set up on time – and clear away when it’s done.

Do you need volunteers or service staff? Draug organizes sports teams, students and others who take service assignments, cleaning jobs and anything that does not require security authentication. We are ready for your next event!

Mobil patruljering

Har du eiendom, kjøretøy eller utstyr som burde besøkes eller følges med? Draug har uniformert vaktbil, og kan gjøre faste kontroller der du vil – når du vil.

Med en fleksibel stab og god tilstedeværelse kan vi raskt komme fram hvis en alarm utløses.

Mobil patruljering er like aktuelt for deg som har hytte som for deg som har næringsbygg, og er billigere enn du tror. Be om tilbud.