Draug is the good neighbour, your super-caretaker or personal concierge.
More important than what you can call us is what you can use us for.

A Service Provider

Draug in reverse is the English GUARD, which means protecting and taking care of. We are a publicly authorised security company, approved manning agency and authorised reseller of welfare technology. But perhaps more importantly; We are superflexible and accessible service agency.

We fix it all. The goal is to be a GREAT supplier of the SMALL tasks.

Social commitment is important to us, and we do some assignments for free. For all else, we have convincing good conditions. Feel free to test us.

When you do not know WHOM to call

Everyone needs (or deserves) some practical help sometimes. Both at home and at work. That’s why we provide services for individuals as well as businesses.

This means that we take on the tasks you have not known who you should give. The strange or hopeless ones, but also all the everyday things that have been put on hold – until now.

Depending on other service providers today? Change to us. You save money, get a partner who is always available, give someone a rich everyday life and support some good causes at the same time.

Use Us – Help Someone

Draug provides job opportunities for many, including those who otherwise would not have got a job, those who do really need a job and those who can not or will not work all the time.

For whatever reason, we give someone an opportunity to fill time with something meaningful, make money, help others and meet new people.

We take assignments that can be solved by youth, students and retirees. Do you have a task or job suitable for schools, sports teams or associations, notify us!

Providing someone a job is grateful task, if you chose us, you are the one who deserves thanks.

We do background screening. Of course.

Our staff are screened. This means that you can safely give us access to keys, codes and values. And that you can always trust those you let in.

Background check is a sensible measure that works. It safeguards security and quality, and meets demands from authorities and customers. As a bonus, we save time and resources, avoid mistakes and get the opportunity to give our candidates a 100% fair evaluation.

Meditor offers professional background checks, and is chosen as our partner.

Draug saves the environment (a little)

Draug is behind TRANSIT; a new and different environmental concept.

As a unique mix of recycle station, workshop and store, TRANSIT sells furniture and fixtures people no longer need. So that they can move on to new users. A kind of transit trip (hence the name).

TRANSIT is reasonable shopping; The furniture shop you first check – and the place for practical help. We fix, repair, change, paint, re-design and transport.

The idea behind it is that it should pay off using things over again, or in the new ways. Shopping at TRANSIT should make you feel good! Follow us on Facebook

Do you know someone who can make new things of old things – or do you have something you want to give away?