Let’s arrange your next event together!

Need money for travel, events, uniforms or equipment? Draug provides small jobs and tasks from local businesses so that your members / players can make money on solving specific needs in their own city or local community. This way you can earn money helping others.

Do you have your own events, but lacking labor? We may provide the manpower – and can organize the event together with you. At Innlandet, we cooperate with THEvent

The possibilities are endless. Create your own action day, set date / time and choose your own purpose (what the money should go to). We take care of the administration (invoicing, receipts, salaries, documentation and planning).

A bit more exciting than toiletpaper

Draug has gift certificates and subscriptions for private and business, see the online store. By selling our gift vouchers you get commission and the buyer receives the help he/she has been waiting for. Ask for details.

The concept provides opportunities for proximity to the local community. Get to know those who actually care; parents, neighbors, supporters and everyone in the scenes. Give help that matters. People would prefer to meet others who give of their own time.

We let you give TIME, which is appreciated much more than cookie boxes and toilet paper.

ZUNNY – a little healthier

Soon everyone can eat GOOD (and a little healthier) FOOD on matches and trainings.

Together with nutritionists, Nord-Øst restauranthouse and a team of food lovers, we provide sports food that is actually food and not just buns and soft drinks. Parents are rid of cakes an cookies – and athletes get what they actually need.

Order food, pick up yourself or have it brought to whereever you are, and eat with a good conscience. Both production and packaging have environmental focus, and part of the income goes back to sports. Finally a setting where everyone wins!

Join and make your event a little healthier. Read more at zunny.no