A service partner like no other

Do you manage or rent property / real-etate? Leave some of the the practical tasks to us. It provides satisfied tenants and ensures better follow-up of buildings and fixtures. MOM (Management, Operation, Maintenance) made smart – saving you time and worries.

With our own team of dedicted staff, we can take regular and urgent assignments – depending on your needs. As a client, you have access to a 24-hour service and a fixed contact person.

Perhaps you want to be a bit MORE for your tenants? In cooperation with Draug, there are no limits to what level of service that can be offered.

Use us for whatever you want

• General maintenance / service assignments
• Security and surveillance / Access control
• Fixed inspections / routine check
• Clearing, sanitation, transportation and storage
• Key handling / ID verification of tenants
• Dugnader (very Norwegian word; you have to look it up)

Furnitures and equipment

In cooperation with TRANSIT, we can assist in furnishing for offices, meeting rooms, break rooms, apartments, store facilities and common areas. You can buy new and we will transport and assemble for you. Or you can buy second-hand and save the environment a little. Perhaps you want to get things special-made for your own use? We can makes furnitures in your logo colors, or make something truly special.

And if you need PC Equipment, hardware and other technology, we’ll fix it as well. Just ask.