Use us for whatever you want

• General maintenance / ongoing tasks
• All service assignments and practical assistance
• Fixed inspections / routine check
• Clearing, sanitation, transportation and storage
• Key handling / ID verification of tenants
• Dugnader (very Norwegian word; you have to look it up)

We are the ulitmate caretaker!

Do you live in a housing company or shared accomodation? It does not matter – Draug can help with practical tasks. Both for the community – and for the individual tenants.

Use us instead of interfering or quarreling internally. Have a barbecue, or do some fun instead, and let us use our staff at work. Both small jobs occasionally as well as permanent assignments.

We do everything you want – even what a regular caretaker/service agency would not.

Planning a DUGNAD?

Then we’ll help you! (Look up DUGNAD in Your dictionary first)

We can fill the need for labor for all occasions. It’s not always the residents have time for or want to particapate. Then you may book us as a replacement – or as an addition.

In Cooperation with local sports teams and organisations we make sure that all things that need to be done will be done. Let’s plan, purchase, and get the equipment and tools. We do the job – and clear away afterwards. You contribute to the local community, and everyone is satisfied!